Monday, July 22, 2013

To : The phenomenon called Narendra Modi, with respect !


Name : Narendra Modi  
Born: September 17, 1950 (age 62), Vadnagar
Education: Gujarat University
Party: Bharatiya Janata Party

Born in a lower caste of Ghanchis, an OBC, Narendra Modi has become a rare figure in political quarters of India, who has risen above the barriers of caste and has led a state as politically important as Gujarat for past 10 years.

Recently I heard some one narrate a true incident of his encounter with this person who is in news by name Modi!.

He had just landed in the city and was stopped on the red light by a policemen saying "CM sir ki gaddi abhi nikalne wali hai wait karo". He thought knowing politicians it will be hours before he will be able to move even though his was the first car at the red light qeue. So he started to get out of the taxi intending to pay for the cab and walk. Just then the carzilla or kafilla of VIP cars zoomed past the red light at fast speed and within seconds the policeman was asking the stopped cars to resume moving. Stunned he asked the policeman that how come the VIP movement took so less time, the policeman replied that is how Modi ji likes to move he does not like long waiting queues when he is moving and we all have strict instructions to stop the traffic only minute before his arrival If he sees long queues on any intersection the police is hauled up!!

This one incident alone where the politician in question was not even aware about the interaction with public but spoke eloquently enough through his actions tells a lot about himself. The actions spoke that the man is efficient, is not egoistic to believe that he is the center of the universe and made effort to make sure he is not causing problems for others just because he has power to do so. It shows that he can get the so called lazy and mismanaged bureaucracy to function in a timely and coordinated manner. In short Mr Modi is someone who can get things done! He speaks!!

Isn't that what we want in our PM, a leader?

So far I haven't come across another politician who is proficient in handling modern India, modern technology and also well versed with India 's past, knowledgeable enough to know actually what he is speaking about instead of just blabbering around when spoken too. He is someone whom people like to listen contrary to maximum politicians who just go on and on and on with no substance in their lengthy speech with singular aim to speak anything for longer time than their opponent. Its most of the time like an extempore competition with 0 substance and lot of noise pollution a lot like Big boss contestants instead of actual debate. He on the other hand do not get hyper or loses calm but replies with relevant data instead of stupid rhetoric answers.

I for one is waiting to see him wearing designation of our Prime minister. I for one would like to something significant happen in my country. I for one would like to see roads built in timely manner instead of just before election before monsoon! I for one would like to see my city transform when dedication reserved for Gujarat is spread out to whole country.

To be honest this wont be a cake walk Mr Modi !

The biggest sentiment you need to address is that your dedication is not limited to Gujarat. There are lot of people across the country counting on you from different states. Many among these haven't voted ever ( I am one of them) who will vote this time only for you! but we need assurance that your dedication is not limited to Gujarat. The news fiasco which happened in Kedarnath tragedy was not good of you rescuing only gujaratis . I hope for everyone sake that it was a PR goof up.
A national figure is expected to be above any bias and utilise skills for good of all.

To be Candid the elections are not completely about the choice of people only. Its also about war of and for money , influence , power. There are not only some particular sects who are worried about the you due to riots that is just an issue because opposition do not have any thing else on you. which is good because that means you can be prepared and predict their line of attack.  The strict nature can cause some countries also to worry so some interference or road blocks should be expected. Luckily we are not living in war age but in development era. Where every country across the globe understands that war only brings mutual destruction and sets back whereas development brings jobs and happiness for all. Fortunately your profile fits bang on with this requirement as you are completely development industry pro.

So Mr Modi it appears you have the stars aligned for you, wave of publicity in your favor , all required ammunition in your stock of armory all you need to do is utilize them appropriately and remain in news till the coming elections and that too with all the right statements. Same goes for entire BJP senior leaders. IF BJP wants to come back with majority they should put a hold on their emotions and be in news now only for proper statements in the news not controversial ones. Start using technology more and work on image construction for whole party. This requires team effort.

Some achievements which I found about development done which i hope will be implemented all over the country:
1. The system of supplying power to rural areas has been changed radically and has had a greater impact on agriculture than the irrigation works. While states such as Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu provided free electricity to farms, and most other states provided subsidized power, the Gujarat government between 2003-2006 reacted to concerns that such measures result in waste of the power supplied and of groundwater itself with the Jyotigram Yojana scheme, based on ideas developed by the International Water Management Institute. Agricultural supplies were rewired to separate then from other rural supplies and then the electricity used by farms was rationed to fit with scheduled demand for irrigation and consequently to reduce the amount of subsidy being paid. The farmers objected to this at first but came to realise that the outcome was that they were receiving a supply that suffered less from interruption, was of a more consistent voltage and was available when they most needed it for irrigation purposes. Other states have since begun to adopt similar, although not identical, strategies.

2. In March 2012, Modi appeared on the cover of Time magazine, one of India's few politicians to have done so.[103] His leadership was described as being strong and businesslike; one that could guide India towards honesty and efficiency

3. Solar panels atop Narmada river at Chandrasan village near Mehsana, 45 kms from Ahmadabad  India's first 1MW canal-top solar power plant will generate 1.6 million units of electricity per year. The project has been developed by the Gujarat State Electricity Corporation Limited (GSECL).

Besides producing “clean energy” without causing any pollution, the solar panels would spare an enormous amount of land otherwise required if the solar power project was land-based. In addition, they save a huge quantity of water in irrigation canals from evaporation.Solar panels have been fitted over a 750-metre stretch on the Sanand-Kadi Narmada branch canal to generate 16 lakh units of clean electricity annually.
As the canal will remain covered, it is estimated that the project will prevent evaporation of 90 lakh litres of water annually.

4. Jyotigram Yojna

Prior to the JGY, there was 8-14 hours of 3-phase power supply, 10-12 hours of 1-phase power supply and 3-4 hours no power supply in rural areas. There were frequent interruptions even during the period when the utility was expected to supply power to agriculture. There was irregular use of power and illegal conversion from 1-phase to 3-phase use in several cases. After the JGY, there was 24 hours 3-phase supply through JGY feeders and 8 hours 3-phase continuous supply through agricultural feeders. Benefits are : 
  • Improved quality of power supply
  •  Less interruption and more stable power supply both to agriculture and other
  • consumers
  • Households would be able to use electrical appliances (some relief from drudgery
  • to housewives)
  • Scope for development of cottage and small-scale industries.
  • Scope for improvement of better health, education, information technology and
  • other infrastructure facilities in rural areas.
  • Less migration from rural to urban areas.
  • Better energy accounting and reduction in loss to utilities.
5. Narendra Modi’s love for education is revealed in his respect for teachers and in Kanya Kelavani Yojana, an initiative which is very close to his heart, ushering in an era of enlightenment and empowerment right at the grass root level. Where else will you find a chief minister camping in remote villages in the heat and dirt to encourage parents to educate their daughters?

6. Gujarat is only state to enact law and implement cow protection Act

These are some of the many achievements which should be highlighted more and implemented across India.

As far as US visa is concerned it really should  not matter as PM of India cannot be barred anywhere let them sort there internal matter themselves. The recent fiasco created by congress MPs goes on to show just how insecure they are about you.

Refer: Modi US visa row: MPs deny signing.

Sincerly ,
A Non Gujarati Indian who would like to see you win. :)
And that is what public is demanding right now!

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