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Monday, December 17, 2012

                                                       Happy news.......
Here are some beautiful videos of awesome efforts being made by citizens around the world . Soak in them and feel the good in the world. Its not all bad there is lot of good going around us. We just need to focus.

Turning Vacant lots into gardens

                                                         Roof Top honey bees

                                                 Farming to keep coral from destruction
The World’s oceans are under threat from coral reef destruction. 
Most scuba divers are aware of the threat to and destruction of coral reefs, what is maybe not so well known is the impact this will have on the oceans as a whole and perhaps the impact on humans on shore. 

We are witnessing the dwindling fish stocks, coastal erosion on unprecedented scales without most of us realising the reasons are that all of this poison we are pouring into our waters is killing our sealife and included in that ocean ecosystem is our coral reefs. 
Coral reefs are the foundation for the seas ecology, providing habitat for approximately 25% of all sea life.
They form coastal barriers protecting the shorelines from wave erosion.
Increased carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere are increasing the acidity levels of the seas which causes the shells of shellfish and corals to soften or crumble because the acidity starts to dissolve the shells. This is known as ocean acidification.

These brave warriors are fighting everyone's battle by trying to plant corals!! so that they dont become extinct.

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