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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Inner Peace

Searching for Inner Peace ?
 have you been feeling lately that you r stuck in a rat race with office to home and home to office taking up all your time. The 5 days goes like poof and then remaining 2 days if you are lucky and no one comes up you get to clear your household activities. so basically even though you would like to meetup and be a social person but you are so overworked that you wish no one disturbs you for these 2 days and you spend day with your family only.

Are following activities summarizes your top activities of weekend?
1. Sleeping and more sleeping
2. Eating and more eating
3. Watching lot of TV
4. Going for movies.
5. Going to Mall
6. Cleaning up home and pending bills and tasks.

No wonder you feel sleepy and tired in the are facing a life style and inner peace crisis.
you keep on working up and then feel dissatisfied because the result is not making you happy. You don't feel satisfied with life and the energy level is lesser than when you were in college is this first sign of aging?
Yes may be but definitely its a sign of you suffocating yourself.

Think! every body around us with whom we are in relationship have to be cared for if you don't keep in touch with your friends for years. Don't wish them. Don't bother when they are sick. Don't bother what they want do you think they will give a hoot about what you would want?

Your health and your heart are one of your bestest friends and they make your world move. but those 2 friends are the ones who get least amount of considerations from us.

We really don't have to be dependent on artificially creams and medicines and courses in order to be healthy and happy. We just need to listen!

Listen to your these 2 best friends and they will give you all the advice , all the wisdom of this world.
Meditate daily for 15 minutes. and explore a new world.

Inner Peace starts the moment you stop letting other persons and other's actions affect you.

Famous quote: "Peace comes from within don't search it outside"