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Wednesday, August 15, 2012


What is innovation? to me its creating some thing new period. Recently I noticed that its been long time since some body has invented any thing. Nowdays we dont get to hear something new being invented only versions keep coming up.. why?
After gravity , bulb, telephone, washing machine , AC :D the only ground breaking thing which i can see today is GOOGLE. Google is something or rather someone who changed the shift of market. they Forced the market to mould around them by making themselves so important because they set to out to find a way to make search better.
People just don't think like that any more. people still graduate from stanford or IITs but how many ground breaking new phenomenons do we see ?
We still get toppers in the classes around the world but we don't get leaders today. why? Education , lack of it or incorrect methodoglogy can affect to only some extent but it can't crush a passion. So i decided to set out on a venture to find out if there is some thing new some thing innovative and inventive going on in the world and found its not all hopeless :) some really cool stuff is going on around us and ill keep searching (thanks to google) . People its time to stop discussing about stuff like gossips and serials but its time to enter into world of wonders...
Starting with

1. Neoflies

yes i too saw them first in step up movie and thought really dug up more and found they are surprisingly easy to make.
material -> get an led, a disc shaped small battery , some plastic sheet. circular magnet.
attach led to battery which will make it glow. tape them then tape magnet next to them. voila! your firefly or neo fly is ready! for details check out this  video

2. Do you Think you are too young to make a change?

Do you think not looking awesome in your prom is the worst thing that can happen to a teenager? Do you think being bullied in schools is the worst of your problem?

Read on to see below what an 18 year old can do...
                                                                 Natalie Warne

Meet Natalie Warne She organised huge project for Invisible childrens and motivated people from different countries enough to travel to demonstration cities. people slept for days on streets to help her and add voice to hers.
She stood there in rain for more people to come when there were none.. and it was her dedication that opprah winfrey added her voice too..Hats off to your dedication mam.

Reading  about her makes us feel that courage, strength of character , willpower and good heart are not fictious words they are still alive today.

>>>> more will be added/updated in this space. 

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