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Monday, December 17, 2012

                                                       Happy news.......
Here are some beautiful videos of awesome efforts being made by citizens around the world . Soak in them and feel the good in the world. Its not all bad there is lot of good going around us. We just need to focus.

Turning Vacant lots into gardens

                                                         Roof Top honey bees

                                                 Farming to keep coral from destruction
The World’s oceans are under threat from coral reef destruction. 
Most scuba divers are aware of the threat to and destruction of coral reefs, what is maybe not so well known is the impact this will have on the oceans as a whole and perhaps the impact on humans on shore. 

We are witnessing the dwindling fish stocks, coastal erosion on unprecedented scales without most of us realising the reasons are that all of this poison we are pouring into our waters is killing our sealife and included in that ocean ecosystem is our coral reefs. 
Coral reefs are the foundation for the seas ecology, providing habitat for approximately 25% of all sea life.
They form coastal barriers protecting the shorelines from wave erosion.
Increased carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere are increasing the acidity levels of the seas which causes the shells of shellfish and corals to soften or crumble because the acidity starts to dissolve the shells. This is known as ocean acidification.

These brave warriors are fighting everyone's battle by trying to plant corals!! so that they dont become extinct.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Inner Peace

Searching for Inner Peace ?
 have you been feeling lately that you r stuck in a rat race with office to home and home to office taking up all your time. The 5 days goes like poof and then remaining 2 days if you are lucky and no one comes up you get to clear your household activities. so basically even though you would like to meetup and be a social person but you are so overworked that you wish no one disturbs you for these 2 days and you spend day with your family only.

Are following activities summarizes your top activities of weekend?
1. Sleeping and more sleeping
2. Eating and more eating
3. Watching lot of TV
4. Going for movies.
5. Going to Mall
6. Cleaning up home and pending bills and tasks.

No wonder you feel sleepy and tired in the are facing a life style and inner peace crisis.
you keep on working up and then feel dissatisfied because the result is not making you happy. You don't feel satisfied with life and the energy level is lesser than when you were in college is this first sign of aging?
Yes may be but definitely its a sign of you suffocating yourself.

Think! every body around us with whom we are in relationship have to be cared for if you don't keep in touch with your friends for years. Don't wish them. Don't bother when they are sick. Don't bother what they want do you think they will give a hoot about what you would want?

Your health and your heart are one of your bestest friends and they make your world move. but those 2 friends are the ones who get least amount of considerations from us.

We really don't have to be dependent on artificially creams and medicines and courses in order to be healthy and happy. We just need to listen!

Listen to your these 2 best friends and they will give you all the advice , all the wisdom of this world.
Meditate daily for 15 minutes. and explore a new world.

Inner Peace starts the moment you stop letting other persons and other's actions affect you.

Famous quote: "Peace comes from within don't search it outside"

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


What is innovation? to me its creating some thing new period. Recently I noticed that its been long time since some body has invented any thing. Nowdays we dont get to hear something new being invented only versions keep coming up.. why?
After gravity , bulb, telephone, washing machine , AC :D the only ground breaking thing which i can see today is GOOGLE. Google is something or rather someone who changed the shift of market. they Forced the market to mould around them by making themselves so important because they set to out to find a way to make search better.
People just don't think like that any more. people still graduate from stanford or IITs but how many ground breaking new phenomenons do we see ?
We still get toppers in the classes around the world but we don't get leaders today. why? Education , lack of it or incorrect methodoglogy can affect to only some extent but it can't crush a passion. So i decided to set out on a venture to find out if there is some thing new some thing innovative and inventive going on in the world and found its not all hopeless :) some really cool stuff is going on around us and ill keep searching (thanks to google) . People its time to stop discussing about stuff like gossips and serials but its time to enter into world of wonders...
Starting with

1. Neoflies

yes i too saw them first in step up movie and thought really dug up more and found they are surprisingly easy to make.
material -> get an led, a disc shaped small battery , some plastic sheet. circular magnet.
attach led to battery which will make it glow. tape them then tape magnet next to them. voila! your firefly or neo fly is ready! for details check out this  video

2. Do you Think you are too young to make a change?

Do you think not looking awesome in your prom is the worst thing that can happen to a teenager? Do you think being bullied in schools is the worst of your problem?

Read on to see below what an 18 year old can do...
                                                                 Natalie Warne

Meet Natalie Warne She organised huge project for Invisible childrens and motivated people from different countries enough to travel to demonstration cities. people slept for days on streets to help her and add voice to hers.
She stood there in rain for more people to come when there were none.. and it was her dedication that opprah winfrey added her voice too..Hats off to your dedication mam.

Reading  about her makes us feel that courage, strength of character , willpower and good heart are not fictious words they are still alive today.

>>>> more will be added/updated in this space. 

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Warrior princess Saina Nehwal Welcome back !


What Saina has done is more than just winning a Bronze.She has carved a fan following for herself. She has now becoming a star of India. She has contributing hugely in removing the limelight from cricket and encouraging viewers to expand their favourite sport's range :)

When Sania Nehwal our warrior princess won medal in olympics 2012 in London for the first time 
The news paper was not courting cricket. Entire paper had olympics news and sania was the flavour of the day.
This is a sign that change is coming and cricket will  no longer be alone in ruling the hearts of India. Their is future for other  sports here too and when they dont get enough sponsors/facilities which cricketers enjoy then we such good performance. Imagine what will happen when the other sports's committee becomes rich as BCCI!!

Thank you Saina for showing that other sports are very much alive and giving us all chance to huff with pride!

Get to know your Princess ...

born on March 17, 1990 in Dhindar, Hisar, Haryana is an Indian Khel Ratna badminton player currently ranked 5 in the world by Badminton World Federation . Saina is the first Indian to win a medal in Badminton at the Olympics.
Father's name : Harvir Singh who is a scientist at Directorate of Oilseeds Research
Mother's Name : Usha Rani who is a former Haryana state champion
National coach Pullela Gopichand is  her mentor.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Satyamev Jayate

Lines from Satyamev Jayate touched my heart so i dug up the entire poem and its truly beautiful. Each word is pure like crystal.

ho gayi hai peer parwat si, pighalni chahiye
is himalay se koi, ganga nikalni chahiye

aaj yah deewar, pardo ki tarah, hilne lagi
shart lekin, thhi ki ye, buniyad hilni chahiye

sirf hangama, khada karna, mera maksad nahi
saari koshish, hai ki ye, soorat badalni chahiye

mere seene mein nahi, to tere seene mein sahi
ho kahi bhi aag lekin, aag jalni chahiye