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Monday, November 14, 2011

Why the hell should government bailout vijay mallya 's Kingfisher ?

Talks of government possible bailout of Kingfisher has been circling around.
I find it weird that government doesn't show this urgent of fast track response to national problems like China encroaching our borders or lokpal implementation but is fast to call meeting to bailout the kingfisher.

Considering we are talking about a guy who has a F1 team worth millions and royal challengers IPL team flies a personal Boeing business jet, owns super stylish homes in London etc etc... one would question why in first place they need any money from outsider?

The flights ran on fuel of of debt and gained money which goes into his account but
for some strange reason he is not willing or capable to pay these dues? and then the rest of the country is supposed to pay his bills . Are you kidding?

Are you saying these bills came over night? what happened to planning and audits and financial advisers? I think there personal market value doesn't even bring them anywhere being eligible for a bailout or any help whatsoever.For god sake selling out any one of he other assets can easily help them out of fact they should really be thankful that India doesn't work like USA where people sue corporate for million dollars over mental harassment over small things.

If irate passengers started suing Kingfisher today their last worries will be fuel.:)

Honestly I think Mallya is not some weakling and he is strong and capable enough of handling this kind of crisis the only disappointment is that this kind of internal problem made to public and not handled internally without asking govt or anyone else's help.
Looking forward to regular flights on one of the most fashion and style conscious airline to be back on their feet.

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