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Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Keep your surrounding and environment DE-cluttered.

If you think about ancient times people use to meditate in ashrams , where they were surrounded by barest things. The less objects which can distract you are present around you the more concentration you can have . Having pics can help but only if they are something you love and connect not something which you long for.

you see having an image of something you only wish for with a sub feeling of never gonna have it:(.... it will always remain that way becoz u believe it with ur heart.

your thoughts are powerful. what you can believe with all your heart can happen.

Anyway so keep distraction to minimum and surrounding clean. and sit . you will feel relaxed and automatically all the things will start falling into perspective. You will get new ideas. Its ok if you are overwhelmed by the silence and have lot of thoughts coming in at high speed .. they will come becoz suddenly u r free of distraction and there is lot of free space.. let it wash over you..after sometime ull get used to it and the inflow will slow down..

Calm down and be selective about the thoughts you would like to pick up..and start working on it.

Be sure to write it down so that you have space ready for more new ideas..

Whenever you face a problem/... no make it challenge.. never call it problem :)

yes so whenevr you face a challenge go into this special neat and clear room and then let ur mind open start writing down the ideas all type of ideas..dont dwell whether it can be done or not. just write down 20 pr 15 options. doesn't matter how weird they are.

Once your list is done then give full thought to all of them starting from 20th. Ull be surprised to find many great ideas.

IDEAS do has the potential to change your life so don't underestimate your subconscious brain. Go for it. have fun and peace.

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