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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A Letter to TRAI !

Thank you Trai!

This is a heart felt thanks to the new rule imposed for the 100 sms per day.
I am so happy . My phones status was such that no matter how much i delete there were always 20 or 40 sms in unread state.U guessed it right.. there are so many plots in sale or clothes on sale!!
I was fed up and frequently missed any personal sms i received becoz of this.
Thankfully now my phone doesnt vibrate every 5 minutes and i am getting only personal sms since yesterday after i msged START 0 to 1909. I was not sure this might work and thought it is just a waste like DND which doesnt work too. But surprisingly.. all F.A.L.T.U msgs stopped!!!

Thanks. Peace at last .

PS: And those who are whining . hello! please stop whining get internet connection on on your phone and start surfing your mail ids. If you are smart enouf to subscribe to some personal service which provides specific updates for you on smses m sure they can do it for email too.. and its free too for god sake.

Trust me i have google if i want to know about any sale or fire sale for that matter i will search about it and find it. Dont need bombardment

A telecom user who is fed up of stupid smses.

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