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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Anna Hazare and Ramdev Baba Saviours or political blackmailers?

It started with Anna hazare sitting on fast for getting Lokpal Bill modified. I also jumped in it along with lakhs of Indian passionate that something good is finally happening and glad to be able to do something about it.
I think this sentiment is shared but entire Mango people in every country that they cannot join politics due to the side hazards but if there is a safe way of supporting a movement which will get things done WE are all for it!!!

Once Anna's fast was over we thought this passion might die out and things might not happen then suddenly Ramdev inspired by the huge support anna got jumped into the circle and setup shivir in Delhi. The process was infitely more dramatic with him and government fighting on what the terms of agreement were actually on which he signed and then his attempt to escape as women and later threating Govt to raise Armed army.

This got me thinking do they really have our , Mango people 's interest as their agenda or it is a political stunt or some new strategy like most companies do that once a comp discover some new thing which is liked by public everybody jumps into it.

if you read more you will discover Gandhi ji always set down for fast to stop violence not to get his demands met or to force anyone to commit some deed. Anna might get more points on sincerity because of his military background and his creation role model village but baba is more and more appearing as an aspirant to join politics thats all. I am not very sure he will get anything done and we will end up watching him make or join some political party. Doing yoga and running country is different.

So question arises as a friend of mine very correctly pointed out "whats the solution we ourself will not join politics. We will be suspicious of any body who stands up for us and politicians are not good enough! So what can be done? "

As a famous actor commented once I will also agree that I wouldn't care much who we are following Anna / baba or rahul and will give full support to any one who get things which benefit mango people done. If they happen to be using it for there personal benefit they will be a huge setback and disappointment. In the meantime they can stop getting into drama antics resembling some tv celebrity like rakhi sawant and stop giving controversial statements on media. Please think before u open your mouth and there is really no need to keep on speaking whole day. just do what is correct we all are listening and WATCHIING YOU.