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Monday, November 22, 2010

Big boss 4 reality show biz

Reality shows are no more real and it is so damn obvious they are scripted. I am a tester and i personally feel that these shows need to be tested before airing them.

even if you are scripting them you can do it intelligently there scripting is so obvious and stupid that anyone can see its not real , totally illogical and fake.

Dolly sucks big time and i think she was paid by the channel to be such an ass. no sane person can behave like that.I do pity her husband sure she must be beating him on speaking over the dinner daily ha ha can any one be so idiot.
One thing though is clear she was paid or explicitly directed to be an idiot. Knowing media probably it was written in her terms and conditons to make so much mess or she wont be admitted to the serial.

Rahul's accusation appear pretty logical and fits the bill. Though loved ones brain are some times in sync and they know what we are thinking before we say it but thats when we are pretty close to some one. But here every week everybody in sync turned on some ppls outof blue.

The pattern is soo obvious that it is laughable.
Females do appear to briefed on how to interact. Does any body understand the meaning of term logical behaviour?
Veenamalik apears to be in wrong industry alltogether.Or may be she wants to become famous like Rakhi sawant. Her frustration is enuf to make the show illegl for prime time. And i am still surprised such voilence and abusive and indecent behavior is allowed to be aired on prime time. Such volume of content overload is enuf to stretch nerves of any adult and bigboss is watched by families and still it is being aired without any protest. Surpise!

Sameer appears to be real and his behavior was one of a normal person and he deserves to win.

Dunno what it is with ppls and foreigners. The moment pamela came everyone became carpet for her.And on similar note when Shilpa was in big brother we all know what happened to her. How was she treated. There is a difference in making a guest feel comfortable and in laying before the person like a carpet.

On a positive note though.. Obama came asking Indians for help to give jobs to americans who are like forever weeping about thir lack of jobs. Personally i feel if they will stop spending life lazing around fishing and get down to study instead of getting into depression about their popularity in highschool. If only they will concentrate more on their studies instead of thinking of how to torture studious students then there jobs problem will be solved automatically.

But anyways we have to do all the right things because we are the largest democracy and we are people of patience so ultimately it all comes o us for settings things of course we have to offer them job and we are so generous we started with hiring Pamela for Big Boss 4 in 2 crore that too.. nothin less.

See learn something from us when we Indians help we do that too with bang and we dont crib about it!

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