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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Saina Nehwal won badminton final India back on 2nd position in CWG


NOW i can start the diwali celebrations and by god i am going to light up crackers !!!

India just won its 38th gold thanks to Saina !

Ofcourse this victory is the hardwork of lot of people who has done enormous hard work withouth any state of the art facilities being provided but with their own sheer will power and dedication. If it had not been for them then this biggest and most costliest Common Wealth Games till date would have never turned up so great. Evertything was forgiven when gold started raining. And today she literally saved the day by bringing India back on 2nd position.

Wished was in delhi so that so that i would have been able to see the match too :) but no worries the moment game was won the lines lit up :D

Thats the craze we have ... Now lets celebrate with the ceremony tonite!...

Saina! you made my day :)

Its party time!!

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