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Sunday, October 3, 2010

CWG opening ceremony: The Night History was created

When I say that I am feeling proud to be an Indian I am sure this sentiment will be shared by billions of people. The hangover of the cwg ceremony is still in the air...

And it is not just us the world stood dazzled by the event.
I agree initially I was too among those who criticized and proclaimed doom and gloom for the game but my sis always was so sure even when Delhi was flooding! According to her anything which is criticized so badly comes up in even more dazzling form. Looks like experience does know better then us who get upset so easily: D

The enthu rubbed off though on me too as I also wanted the games to happen without the problem, needless to say that it all surpassed everyone’s expectations.

The 44 crore balloon was as after we watched the ceremony get over as we like to call fulto paisa wasool ;P The ceremony's concept was not bollywood and for that I am so thankful but more than that I am spellbound by the richness of concept. The very idea that somebody thought about that!

I mean can u imagine coming up in front of conservative bunch of people and selling them 44 crore idea to actually convince for such a big investment without any prior history?

I think that speaks a lot about the committee's dedication. I am so happy that the event lived up to our expectations and ousted us infact...
Bringing the participant in the beginning itself so that they won’t miss the ceremony was a real good move and I am as sure as sun that India just changed the rules which will be followed up from now onwards by every cwg.

Comments from worldwide:
The Guardian:"Concerns of recent weeks forgotten as dazzling event launches games amid atmosphere of national pride and celebrations change."

The Telegraph: "The biggest sporting spectacle India has ever hosted kicked off in typically colorful fashion... And there we were thinking it might never happen."

The Herald Sun: "Indian Games officials should feel proud of the opening ceremony, classy and showy but somehow warmer and less contrived than the Beijing experience."

The announcement of the beginning of the grand evening was made by the Indian drums or nagadas. The countdown starts with the Nagadas playing a beat to each count from 10 to 0. The biggest balloon ever to be used by any event when lifted was a majestic site. It was transformed to snake and lifted to 25m height amidst the snake charmers music.

I loved the yoga act with the human form coming up from the centre which I found hard to believe was real (I thought it was just a projection :))

The various dances depicting every season were colorfully dressed and perfumed beautifully.
The train which showed life of Indian common man was sweet thing and showed that we all exist excels despite all the short comings.

The sand drawing was an excellent addition. I saw it first on India’s got talent and I remember very vividly lamenting to my frnds why don’t they include it in the cwg opening ceremony. This is the type of thing u showcase!

Voila it was there n I was a satisfied person. Again and again I kept admiring the beauty of whole concept the persons who designed all this. Coordinating so many people...oh I rembr from coordinating the Namaste formation by kids was just AWESOME.
The hena mehndi was so well performed not a stroke out of order.

The night was full of surprise and more that anything I could have thought and hoped.

I have never been so proud to be an Indian so happy and I have never felt so better in my life!


  1. Coz i haven't witnessed it yet.. I am shivered to know it went this great !!!!! ..

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    enjoy madi!





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