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Thursday, September 30, 2010

How to get my blog in the search engine results

So i have had this blog for a long time and i also had regular posts and comments here BUT the appearance on search result was zero. I couldn't understand it i thought all you have to do is make blog popular and it starts appearing in the search list. Apparently it doesnt work that way.

So on my quest i also realized that lot of newbies face this problem. so i decided to share my knowledge so far..

There are many search engines but the top most we want to target immediately are Google and Yahoo. These both engines have made a very straightforward and simple tools for indexing your site. The name of the tools are:

1. Google Webmaster Tools
2. Yahoo Site Explorer

Process for Indexing your blog for google:

1. Login in to your gmail account (as later on it will ask you to login anyways so better do it now)
2. open a new tab->
3. search for Google Webmaster Tools.
4. Click on first link.
5. Click on Add site and enter the url of your site.
6. Next page will look like this:

7. Select Add a meta tag to your site's home page radio button.

(I didn't try any other option and anyways this one looked easiest :) )

8. The moment you click this option , instructions will appear at the bottom side.

which will look like this:
9. just paste this code where instructed.

incase you are unsure where to paste click on show example. you will find a "show me an example link there click on it . you will find code sample too.

10. once done try opening your blog if all is working fine then go back to web master tool tab and click on verify now.

you are all set now :)

When i opened my blog -> went to "Design" tab->clicked on "Edit html" i couldn't find anything like they mentioned in the example.
so i just found the top most/ first tag and after that pasted the code, clicked on preview.. site seems to be working fine and everything worked out wonderfully.
hope it does for others too ..

How to check my website has been indexed by google?

if you want to check whether your website has been indexed or not you can go to the URL enter your website's address. If it is indexed it will say YES else it will say sorry.

gotta run will post the process for yahoo site explorer soon in next post...

If still you are not able to find the code or any issue just leave a comment here ill mail it to you.

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