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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Flagged sites

Hi, this is to make everyone aware about fake sites . there is no common public tool site to flagg the fake and misleading websites so i am making a list here, because i am so mad about the time i had to waste navigating them and dicovering after few minutes tht they are fraud.

Ppl are these days doing any damn thing to get hits on there websites..


for eg. google "odhani background music download"

you ll get this sites link at 4th no.: ackground

under perform action click on any "listen" or "download" link. only a new website will open which is obviously a dev site.

BIG waste of time.

No. 2 search result for "Sanskrit slokas" Heading showing is search result-> 170 Sanskrit Slokas and


6 Jul 2010 – Sanskrit Sloka Mantra - aapamaanaa. Sanskrit Sloka Mantra - aaraavamudan mangalaa shaasanam. Sanskrit Sloka Mantra - abhiitistava ... nothing relevant or any slokas found mostly this is a music oreineted site. you should visit it only if you are looking for music related stuff. will update as i find more. tc . have a happy surfing.

as and when anyone come across such sites please post a comment so tht eveyone can know to avoid the sites..


  1. i absolutely agree with you. there shd b sum way to ban such sites from appearing in the search results altogether

  2. good work !!!! time ka acha use kiya hai, aapne liye and as well as dusaro ki liye bhi .......good keep it up........

  3. great sentiment ...
    totally agree with you...

    heres another article along the same sentiments

    looks like optmisim is contagious and it is in the air :D


  4. sorry tht comment ws for ur other post!! :( the commonwealth one...