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Thursday, September 30, 2010

How to get my blog in the search engine results

So i have had this blog for a long time and i also had regular posts and comments here BUT the appearance on search result was zero. I couldn't understand it i thought all you have to do is make blog popular and it starts appearing in the search list. Apparently it doesnt work that way.

So on my quest i also realized that lot of newbies face this problem. so i decided to share my knowledge so far..

There are many search engines but the top most we want to target immediately are Google and Yahoo. These both engines have made a very straightforward and simple tools for indexing your site. The name of the tools are:

1. Google Webmaster Tools
2. Yahoo Site Explorer

Process for Indexing your blog for google:

1. Login in to your gmail account (as later on it will ask you to login anyways so better do it now)
2. open a new tab->
3. search for Google Webmaster Tools.
4. Click on first link.
5. Click on Add site and enter the url of your site.
6. Next page will look like this:

7. Select Add a meta tag to your site's home page radio button.

(I didn't try any other option and anyways this one looked easiest :) )

8. The moment you click this option , instructions will appear at the bottom side.

which will look like this:
9. just paste this code where instructed.

incase you are unsure where to paste click on show example. you will find a "show me an example link there click on it . you will find code sample too.

10. once done try opening your blog if all is working fine then go back to web master tool tab and click on verify now.

you are all set now :)

When i opened my blog -> went to "Design" tab->clicked on "Edit html" i couldn't find anything like they mentioned in the example.
so i just found the top most/ first tag and after that pasted the code, clicked on preview.. site seems to be working fine and everything worked out wonderfully.
hope it does for others too ..

How to check my website has been indexed by google?

if you want to check whether your website has been indexed or not you can go to the URL enter your website's address. If it is indexed it will say YES else it will say sorry.

gotta run will post the process for yahoo site explorer soon in next post...

If still you are not able to find the code or any issue just leave a comment here ill mail it to you.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Common Wealth Games - WE are on India's side

All you have to type is cwg and you will get lot of cribbing about how delhi government is not doing something. There are also some status msg circulating around like dilli badnam hui common wealth tere liye ;P . Now i know that whatever has happened has been not very good and the media pressure has accounted for the emergency meeting by the PM. Honestly i believe this step should have been taken long time back but thats not the point i want to raise here.

I want to focus on something deeper. the inherent tendency of humans now days to crib. If you will notice that whenevr in office, college, homes, parks, any where we are discussing something like this, people will be sooooooooooooo passionate and excited to discuss it . its like we actually relish the incident and we love quoting the facts from tvs. on the other hand when things go good there is no media highlight, no TV will report it as breaking news they wont cover it day night , they wont show it hundred times, they wont repeat every minute detail as if the third world war is about to begin.

Somebody said if you want to remove a tree don't cut it. just stand around and curse it. it will die.
same thing is happening here.

I am NOT supporting the corruption and malpractises associated with the event but i do understand that lot of people's hard work has gone into it and there are lot of hopes attached to it. And we are no body to mar its image , media is famous for blowing the things out of proportion in every case good or bad. But everything apart its our moral responsibility to be with the nation though thick and thin. Why aren't the photographs of the stadium whose work has been completed being splashed? Why arent the reporters covering them? Why is there no breaking news for all the time which has been done?

The common wealth is not about the politicians only. Its ABOUT those who are actually working their heads of to make it work and they are NOT corrupt. We owe it to them our support and they need our support.

There are thousands of people out there from Engineers to Artist, from musicans to athletes, from Singers to Army jawans, from Construction site workers to Security heads, from Private companies executives to Labours working day and night to make this work.
what r we doin? the least we can do is show them our support...

I am doing my bit on bringing focus to the positive side of this event. Presenting below some beautiful photographs of our Delhi all decked up for the games.


I am on my nation's and my side and am looking forward to the grand opening cermony. :)

Whose side are you?

Flagged sites

Hi, this is to make everyone aware about fake sites . there is no common public tool site to flagg the fake and misleading websites so i am making a list here, because i am so mad about the time i had to waste navigating them and dicovering after few minutes tht they are fraud.

Ppl are these days doing any damn thing to get hits on there websites..


for eg. google "odhani background music download"

you ll get this sites link at 4th no.: ackground

under perform action click on any "listen" or "download" link. only a new website will open which is obviously a dev site.

BIG waste of time.

No. 2 search result for "Sanskrit slokas" Heading showing is search result-> 170 Sanskrit Slokas and


6 Jul 2010 – Sanskrit Sloka Mantra - aapamaanaa. Sanskrit Sloka Mantra - aaraavamudan mangalaa shaasanam. Sanskrit Sloka Mantra - abhiitistava ... nothing relevant or any slokas found mostly this is a music oreineted site. you should visit it only if you are looking for music related stuff. will update as i find more. tc . have a happy surfing.

as and when anyone come across such sites please post a comment so tht eveyone can know to avoid the sites..

Sunday, September 19, 2010

In the depths of darkness, hope lights the path

I came across a beautiful story which i would like to share with you... the joy that there is goodnes out there... a story about HOPE.
"Esperanza, which means hope in Spanish, is the name of Ariel Ticona's baby girl. She is also believed to be the first child born to any of the 33 miners during their nightmarish weeks buried underground.
The day after the birth, Hector Ticona carried Chilean newspapers he was saving for his son with front-page photos of Elizabeth holding the new baby. The story of the baby's birth has been reported as far away as New Zealand, Germany and Singapore, and Esperanza has become a symbol that life continues for the miners despite their underground imprisonment.

Photos released from their hospital room showed a tiny baby, her eyes shut tight and with no idea that she is already famous at birth.

The decision to change her name arrived to Ticona in the mine's depths. That all the miners had survived the cave-in and then the 17 days it took rescuers to drill the holes that found them was already miraculous. But their continued physical and mental well-being was far from assured.
Faced with the fact that he and his fellow workers were about to experience an isolating darkness that no one had ever endured before, Ticona put pen to paper. The letter he wrote reached his family through what the Chileans call "palomas," metal tubes that carry food, supplies and messages to the trapped men.
"He said, 'What if we call her Hope?'" Hector Ticona recalled. "Hope for the camp backing us, hope for getting us out of here, hope to keep fighting for my daughter, hope to unite my family.' "

Ticona's wife agreed to the new name.
Before the mine collapse, Ticona promised Segovia he would be in the room when she gave birth. He had not been present for the births of their two sons, one time because he wanted to watch a beloved soccer team play and the other time because of "squeamishness," Segovia said.
Segovia decided to have the birth of their daughter videotaped. But videotaping a natural birth was against hospital policy. So, to get around the policy, she had a Caesarean section on camera.
Over a video conference system that is one of their links to the outside world, Ticona was shown the birth of his daughter, deep in the mine.

As she sat in a light blue tent at Camp Hope, Nelly Burgueño said it is a joy she hopes to experience herself soon. Her son, trapped miner Victor Zamora, and his wife also are expecting a daughter.
When the girl is born in six months' time, Burgueño said, the couple has decided to call her Paz Victoria, or Peace Victory.
"I am going to be a father," Burgueño said her son wrote her. "I am happiest man in the world even though I am in the depths of the earth. I want to share this happiness with everyone in the world, with you, Mom, and my brothers."
Burgueño said her son has been "reborn."
"He wrote me," she said, "that even in the deepest part of the earth there shines light"
Reported on CNN on sep 18th by Patrick."
Let us all join the effort and pray for the safe and speedy return of the brave miners. To these brave people i would like to say hang on ! hope is on its way...Strength to your families waiting for your arrival. There is lot to see just keep envisioning yourself walking out one day and people from all over the world are with you in this vigil even when its dark our wishes are with you.

I am hoping that hope camp makes a breakthrough fast and the families be reunited again. Amen.