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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Real Life Engineers

Heres our "WOW" to the heros of INDIA:

Today we are featuring Mr. Jahanagir from Maharashtra.

Following are some snippets of the achievements(Source:
of this man who without any help turned scooters into super machines" the real life rancho, whose scooter was used by Amir Khan in 3 idiots.

"Belonging to a poor family, he had to give up studies after his 1st standard and do odd jobs to support the household. His father sent him to his aunt's place in Malkapur (in interior Maharashtra) to study. But they forced him 'to look after the cattle and made him do other household chores'.

Perhaps, this was a blessing in disguise for him. Life turned out to be his biggest teacher. His mind was always full of ideas despite his poverty and problems. He never thought any of these could actually be implemented, but no one could stop him from toying with new ideas."

"He built a scooter-based mobile spray painting device to get work done faster and easier. "I spend about Rs 4,000-5,000 to buy a second-hand scooter and convert it mainly into spray painting devices as they are in good demand. I have managed to sell about 5 spray painting machines for Rs 13,000-14,000," he says.

The unit is portable and can be taken anywhere he wishes. "I am looking for more buyers. There are people who have copied what I have done but I feel very proud to see them making use of a technology I devised," says Jahangir.

Today, he lends the 'scooter' to people in need. With one litre of petrol, an Ambassador car can be painted in one hour at half the charge of a normal painting."

This shows that there is solution to every problem and once again states that necessity is indeed the mother of invention!

However, if you read the article completely on the above provided link, you wil find that all this gr8 guys ever dreamed of is a nice house.

now even president met him but and so many so called vips but they all were not able to get hima home!!? what kind of educated leaders do we have ?
He is currently tryng to get some sponsors. I hope he gets some soon. India is really in need to produce more products. We need to become more product based isntead of service based.

If anybody out reading this article knows somebody who you think might be able to help Jahangir then please do contact him at:
Mobile number: 9422282938

Thank You. We will be back soon with another drop of rainbow.

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  1. way to go..i always wondered if those things shown in ranch's school are being actually used or not..