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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Me and the World

Today i was reading the news and while surfing saw this "Visa on arrival scrapped for Indians in Malaysia".. (Source: IBN Live)

At first i was outraged, why are we always targetted!!. We contribute so much brains to other companies and then we r being discriminated. On reading the news further i realised that to some extent their authorities were completely justified in imposing this ban due to this illegal entries being commited there. These problems have been happening in many companies. Americans are scared since "we take their job".. wierd mentality if you ask me...

but the immigration problem is real, and in its base lies the fact that everbody want to live n an organised world where cleanliness and basic rights are accepted and cherished.
however, does sacrficing your self esteem justify it? How come everybody follow the same laws implemented in other countries but refuse to keep place clean in their own country . WHY?

WHY don't you feel even an ounce of guilt or consience prickle when you throw garbage on the road whereas shake in your booty when you are on foriegn soil?

Its not completely bleak picture there are loads of people out there who are working there arse off to help others, but they need our support. I think thats the least we can do. So with this thought today i changed the image on my blog to "Let The Freedom Rule!" created by myself :). Becoz i have a dream where Engineers will actually implement their education to make this Country a brain hub not just a outsourcing hub.

A place where innovation is appreciated, coveted and encouraged and recognised.


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  1. i think we should make our visa policy more strict so that other county could also get a feel of what they make Indians go thru!!