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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Kites flying high in the big skies....

So Kites, became the first movie to debut at US top 10 chart! and i coulnt be mroe proud!. Hrithik Roshan has always got the looks of a hollywood hero and this movie with a foreign actress completed the set :). Both looked really cute. However i was really dissapointed with the dance sequence with kangana. There was so much scope there for a blockbuster number and hrithik has so much talent that he could have easily pulled of something akin to "Step up". Dunno how director missed out on that..
Sometimes when i watch movies and see some so obvious technical glitches that i really wonder how could anybody for heaven's sake miss that!!!.

I think the movie industry should explore new areas and try out new experiments. They should hire testers. Yes i am proposing an integration of IT and Entertainment biz. They could really provide they very useful feedback on some really obvious and stupid technical glitches made.. which unfortunately r really obvious on big screen.

Both are looking undeniably cute..:P But i must say i didnt expect the movie to do so well in foreign markets, now that it has it has got me thinking that instead of just waiting for hollywood to come here, we can just make bollywood so large that people will crave coming here.. anyways its entirely a possibility. Plus if seen from a purely economic point of view, if a movie is hit abroad you earn in dollars so anyway your profit doubles up. cool nai?


  1. sahi hai madam ....pakki tester ho tum aur tum ne ye show kar diya ...