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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Desh ki dhadkan Hockey

I read somewhere that hockey is our national game thats the only fact which made me feel that hockey is any thing. apart from that like everybody else i was caughtup is cricket fever. understandably cricket is a eyeball grabing game and i love it but what about hockey. From time to time we youngistan say somebody should do something about it it needs sponsors.. For the first time Honda have done something and brought it to focus for the first time this time i was aware of an event related to hockey happening in india before it began!

And for that i want to thank honda.. so what if priyanka chopra didnt come to stadium and cheer as she promised but she made us aware enough to check out the whole stadium isnt tht cheering enuf?

for those who would like to check out the headlines of hockey go to this link:,8506,1181-144740-161956-5331-news-list,00.html

Some Faqs:
Indian hockey Team captain: Rajpal Singh

Pakistan hockey team captain Zeeshan Ashraf
* In a sudden and unexpected action,the entire Pakistani hockey team resigned after finishing last in the World Cup.

For there schedule :

Thought probably we wont require it as it will finsih off at 13tha nd ppl are already busy with the oncoming of IPL.. its starting on 12th march.