Thursday, May 24, 2018

who rules the world ? women !!!!

and we dont even know this. surprised? like the lines of pitch perfect 3movie song which asks who runs the world.

This is not some emotional speal but a logical conclusion just like our economy.
Everything is driven by our economy and who drives the economy?? wallstreet? naah women!! confused?  let me put down my reasoning.. Every single ad is marketed with single statement behind it. "Use our product and you will become attractive to women".

Wether it is toothbrush or slippers or watch anything and everything is targgetted on pleasing females. Females need to be aware about this and play strong role and decide go accordingly.  Understand your worth and importance and let that boost your self esteem.

Dont let anyone convince you that you are weak and dependant. Even if you are a housewife you are the main target segment of every business.. Revel in it and own it and rock it.

Make informed and educated and ecofriendly choices. Wherever possible go for made in india products. 

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

its payback time...

i have travelled abroad to multiple countries and my view is which many foreign return tend to agree is the major difference in developed countries & developing countries is cleanliness and infrastructure.

cleanliness is totally in our control and it makes your home looks like a villa. on the otherhand dirty surroundings maakkes even a villa looks like a slum.

this image says it all.

so we all need to star imagining what our surrounding we want to look like. and stop dumping. we need to increase awareness for recycling practices. promote the decomposters and we can also have pristine surroundings.

please watch this beautiful ted talk on same
ted talk.. grow fresh air